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Don't Wait because of Your Weight!

"Can you make me look skinny?" "I would but I hate how fat I am right now." "I'm on a diet, maybe in a few months"

As I've been talking to friends and clients about taking family photos, the biggest reason I've heard about why someone doesn't want to get photos taken is their weight. In our culture today, weight stigma is a very live and active issue, especially for women. As we spend time online and see airbrushed and photoshopped people on our Instagram feed, it gets harder to look in the mirror and see a "less than perfect" body looking back at you. It's easy to SAY that you know these images aren't real, but with photo editing software becoming more prevalent and easier to get, and sometimes even built-in to apps, it's difficult to see yourself as you truly are.

But I'm here to remind you that "fat" isn't a bad word. Those of us who grew up in "diet culture" have a built-in reaction to the idea of being "fat"- we see it as a bad thing, a sin, and something to be ashamed of. But as Aubrey Gordon reminds us, "We as a collective society need to make room for understanding fat the way many plus-size people do: as a neutral, even affirming, term." The article she wrote on this subject (linked above!) covers the reasons I'm personally working on accepting my own "fatness" and why I struggle so hard to hear my friends complaining about their weight. (for more on that subject, check out Aubrey's book: "‘You Just Need To Lose Weight’ And 19 Other Myths About Fat People”)

So, what does this have to do with photography? You ask as I step off my soap box... I have a few reasons; take your pick! 1- Fatness isn't a reason you shouldn't be photographed.

Your spouse, children, friends, and family don't love you less because of your weight. You are an important part of their lives, and you should be in their photos and memories.

2- You can't put your life on hold while you diet.

Going back to Aubrey Gordon again- she has a wonderful podcast about the way diet culture is bad for all of us and points out again and again why fad diets simply don't work. If you're waiting for this diet to suddenly make you as skinny as you want to be, it might be a while before we get these photos done. In my opinion, get the photos done now, while your kids are this age, while your parents are around, while your family is together. If you wait until you are your "ideal" weight, you could miss the opportunity all together.

3- Posing make a difference.

All that said about body positivity and everything, the last thing I can offer as a photographer is let me teach you how to pose. Sometimes that family photo that you took as a selfie or asked some stranger on vacation to take of you just looks.. bad. And that's the advantage of having a photographer who has done research, has experience, and who CARES about making sure your photos bring out the best in you and your whole family! Personally, I'm not going to try to photoshop you into looking like a model, I will brighten up the photos and do some editing as needed but I'm not interested in changing how my clients look in the photos, I want to capture the best of them the way that they are.

As a final thought, I'm including this picture of my sister, which I took on a family outing. She and I are both plus-size ladies but I don't think anyone looks at this picture and thinks of her weight, all I see is a beautiful woman with a charming smile, enjoying herself on a summer day. I hope that's what I can capture when I take your photos too.

beautiful lady in an orchard

If you're ready to get your family portraits done, book a session now!


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