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Pumpkin Heads Part 2!

I'm so crazy about fall, especially now that the weather has changed and it finally feels like summer is over! The leaves are changing and I'm indulging in pumpkin spice everything and way too much apple cider.

pumpkin head family in the woods

So when my friend wanted some pumpkin head pictures, I grabbed my camera and met her in the woods! Her family (and puppy!) are so cute and were great at posing and made this a really fun photo session!

pumpkin couple behind a tree

I'm sure my neighbors are convinced we were crazy people running around the neighborhood, butt it's worth it!

pumpkin head kids and puppy

Halloween is coming fast but there's still plenty of time for some spooky seasonal photo sessions! Contact me today and we can make your Halloween photo dreams a reality!

pumpkin head family on a bench

Also remember, the Winter Holidays are right around the corner as well! It's a great time to schedule a family photo session to use on holiday cards and gifts! I'm booking those sessions now too!


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